What should I wear? Jeans or a suit... we don't care. The point is to worship with us, not impress us!

What kind of music do you sing? Well, that depends on the service you attend. If you join us for our Celebration service at 9:30, you'll find us singing the best hymns of the church and more familiar, traditional songs. If you visit us at Encounter at 11, you'll find that we sing a lot of contemporary songs from current Christian musicians. All of the songs, regardless of the service, are easy to learn, and were chosen to help you experience more of God.

Why do you sing? The short answer... the Bible tells us to. The long answer: There are many scriptures that seem to relate the posture of worship and music as hand in hand. And we are musical... that's the way God made us. Whether you can carry a tune or not, we believe that God likes to hear you sing. The church has also always done this... and it makes complete sense to keep it going! That and there is no other time in our worship when all of our people are on the exact same page doing and singing the exact same thing. It's a great community thing! But truthfully, we have many who don't sing yet... and that's okay too!

I haven't always been a Christian... or I'm just investigating Christianity, can I come to this church? Please do. We have many members who can relate. In fact, according to the Bible, none of us have a lot of room to judge. Come and join us as we try together to learn more about what being a Christian really means.

I'm not a Nazarene, what's the deal with that? The Nazarene Denomination is a conservative, evangelical denomination and you'll find our beliefs are familiar to most Christians. We have a huge emphasis on missions and support a global network of missionaries who are changing the face of the world. But honestly, it is a fact that we have a wide array of backgrounds represented among our people: Baptist, Charismatic/Pentecostal, Catholic, Methodist, and non-denominational. We love this diversity!

Holiness? Sanctification? What do these words mean? I'm glad you asked. We simply believe that God doesn't just want to save your soul and leave you to fend for yourself. He's alive, wants a relationship with you, and is calling you to a fuller life in Him. On this journey, you'll begin to know Him better and better and love Him more and more every day. And you'll want to live like you do!