Worship Teams at Vandalia Nazarene


Here, at Vandalia Nazarene, we believe in allowing God to create an atmosphere that we all can participate in worship together. Doing this is not an easy task. It takes dedication, time, and a lot of prayer, but if you believe you would be interested in participating in a worship team, don't hesitate to contact me. 

We have a couple worship teams in circulation right now, our Celebration worship team plays a little more traditional music. It's the kind of music you might find in a hymnal, or an old Hillsong worship song. We also have a choir that sings every song with us. They rehearse the songs for about 10-15 minutes during our morning rehearsals. If you would be interested in playing or singing contact info will be below.

Our Encounter worship team takes a different route. We play the songs that you may hear on the radio, and things are a little louder. We typically have electric guitarists in this worship team as well. If you are interested contact me as well.

-Jacob Mitchell (Worship Leader)

email: jacmitchell@mail.mvnu.edu