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In His Image is a ministry of Vandalia Nazarene Church dedicated to making sure all adults and children (and their loved ones) who are affected by disabilities or impairments are welcomed into our church community and can have the opportunity to learn about the love of Jesus. We have an incredible team of dedicated leaders who faithfully serve these families during the Sunday 11am service time. We also have a men’s and a women’s small group for parents and a monthly family worship service.

Sensory breaks and sensory tools are available for individuals who may have a hard time participating in a regular class due to developmental or communication delays, sensory integration issues, autism, or other challenges. Each individual will be assessed to see what they might need and will be accompanied by a “buddy” to assist them as needed. It is our goal to provide a welcoming environment for all individuals to feel comfortable coming and worshiping in their own way or as best they can. We will have options available for sensory breaks, some portable sensory objects, and classroom for individuals who are not comfortable in a large environment. We will continue to assess what’s needed as we go forward.

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